I was born in 1987 and I live and work between Padua and Venice.
My photography is shaped by many and various influences, from my IT studies to my passion for sports, cinematography and travels. My fascination with photography is closely related to my eagerness to discover the world: every picture is both the memory of a place and the strong will to make observers aware of the mark that particular place has left on my own life.
The study of colours and compositions also arises from a constant confrontation with the others photographers.
I also have a vivid interest in street photography, whose instinctive and not staged essence I really value. My aim is to make visible a cultural heritage, which is gained with the only means of movement and curiosity towards the different aspects of everyday life.
I shoot using both digital and films cameras and I develop my films by myself in the attic of my house.

Exhibitions and awards

  • Collective exhibition, “Altre visioni” – Photo Open Up, Padova, 2019
  • Finalist “Book and fanzine” contests – Italian Street Photo Festival, 2019
  • Collective exhibition “Home” – Dolo, 2019.
  • Personal exhibition “Atlantica-Pacifica” – Observa Street Photo Festival, Chiari, 2018
  • Collective exhibition “Trittico” – circolo fotografico L’obiettivo Dolo, 2018
  • Personal exhibition “Fragments” – Young Photo Gallery, Padova, 2017
  • Personal exhibition “Fragments” – Bassano Fotografia, Fuori Palazzo, 2017
  • Collective exhibition, Bassano Fotografia, Palazzo Bonaguro 2017
  • Collective exhibition “Oltre l’obiettivo” – circolo fotografico L’obiettivo Dolo – Kraków, Saint Marcellin – 2017
  • Collective exhibition “Oltre l’obiettivo” – circolo fotografico L’obiettivo Dolo – Dolo, 2016
  • Calendar cover 2017 CAI sez. Padova, 2016
  • Second place photographic marathon Venice – theme “Big and small” – Venice, 2014
  • Personal exhibition “En garde!” – Tiratardi Pub, Padova, 2011